SRID kit for the quantitative dertermination of native IgG in mare colostrums and foals sera

Single Radial Immuno Diffusion (SRID) is the “Gold Standard Method” for the determination of native IgG in colostrum and its derivatives.

The kit contains 25 IDRing plates, a calibration set (4 standards) and dilution buffer for samples. Each plate allows to analyse 10 samples (standards included)

Our Horse IgG Test kit is intended for:

– The quality control mares colostrum (level of native IgG) administered to foals and used for the manufacture of Colostro replacers

– The evaluation of passive transfer of immunity in foals:determination of IgG in colostrum serum and plasma of foals.

  • Storage temperature: + 2° C to +8° C
  • Precautions: Do not freeze
  • Shelflife: 10 months from date of manufacture
  • Application: Colostrum, serocolostrum, Serum and Plasma from foal, Colostrum Powder, Colostro replacer, …

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