SRID kit for the quantitative determination of bovine Albumin

This kit is intended for the determination of bovine albumin in the following matrix:

  • serums and plasma from cattle
  • milk, colostrum, whey
  • milk products (milk powder, colostrum powder, …)
  • Meat Products

The antiserum used in this test is specific for ruminant albumins (cow, sheep, goat). This test is therefore able to give the same quantitative determination of albumin from cow, goat and sheep. No cross reaction is observed with albumin from other species (pigs, horses, rabbits, …)

Complete kit contains 25 IDRing Plates, 1 calibration set and a dilution buffer for the samples. Each plate allows to analyse 10 samples (standard included).

Detection limit: 2 µg / ml (2ppm) of bovine, sheep and goat albumins.

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