SRID kit for the control of the animal origin of the intestinal mucosa used to purify heparin

The principle of the test is based on the use of two different IDRing plates:

– The IDRing plates RUMI Test that detect the presence of bovine, ovine and caprine tissues in the samples. The detection limit is 0.3% of ruminant intestinal mucosa in the pig intestinal mucosa.

– The IDRing plates PORC Test that allows to certify the porcine intestinal mucosa origin and validates the analyze.

The kit consists of two IDRing Box:

IDRing box RUMI Test : 10 RUMI Test plates, 1 calibration set (enought for 100 RUMI Test)

IDRing PORC Test Box : 10 PORC Test plates, 1 calibration set (enought for 100 PORC Test), 1 vial of 30 ml of concentrated buffer for sample preparation.

Each plate allows to analyze 5 samples of mucosa. A kit allows to analyze 50 samples.

  • Storage temperature: + 2° C to +8° C
  • Precautions: Do not freeze
  • Detection limit: 0.3% of mucosa from ruminant
  • Shelflife: 10 months from date of manufacture

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